Therapeutic Foster Care

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What does a foster family mean to you?

“It’s about my entire life, it’s not just about my childhood. I want to know that I am going to have a dad or brother as my best man in my wedding. That my children will have grandparents.” – Jonathan, 15


Therapeutic Foster Home

Our Foster Care program is made up of servant hearted individuals and families who are willing to provide a stable and loving home for children from birth to 21 years old. The Foster Care staff provides training, support, and resources to each family through out the fostering process.

A Therapeutic Foster Home is a licensed and certified home to care for children with physical, emotional or behavioral difficulties. Therapeutic Foster Care is an intensive mental health service provided to a child in a family setting utilizing specially trained foster parents.


Transitional Services

Transitional Services are services provided to all youth 14 years of age and older.  These services are provided to all residents of the various congregate care homes on campus, as well as to youth in individual foster care placements (Therapeutic Foster Care). 

Services include instruction in myriad life skills from cooking, cleaning, and financial literacy with specialized instruction on applying for jobs, obtaining housing, a drivers’ license and other skills required to be a productive citizen.  Wells-Tonkel Independent Living Apartments are available as a final step for children once they turn 18 and near aging out of typical youth services (21 years of age). 

This unique option provides an apartment for residents who are working or attending school full time or a combination of the two.  It is an important transitional program for the residents to make the final step toward integration into society on an individual basis.

MCH is always looking for servant-hearted foster parents who will provide stable and loving homes for our children. You can make a difference in the lives of children by opening your heart and home to them! Any home can be a Methodist Children’s Home!

To become a foster parent, you must:


  • At least 21 years old 
  • Married (1+ years), Divorced (1+ years) or Single


  • A high school diploma or GED
  • Reliable telephone service and transportation
  • Financial means to support a family


  • Complete all training requirements

Steps to Become a Foster Family

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Home Study

It’s Official

Stay Connected

Attend one of our monthly informational meetings. These informal meetings will allow you to ask our team all the questions you need answered to see if Therapeutic Foster Care is the right fit for you.

Attend orientation and complete PATH classes led by our Foster Care team. This six week training will set you up for success to be a foster parent

Our team will work with your during the course of training to make sure you complete the required paperwork. This will include a background check, providing references, and creating a new family budget.

MCH’s Foster Care Specialist will complete your home study over the course of 60 days. Your home study will ensure the safety of your home for a foster child.

Be approved by Methodist Children’s Homes of MS to care for a foster child!

After being approved, MCH will call you to discuss the placement of a child who fits the age range you are seeking. Have your heart and home ready and open to give this child love.

Once you are serving a foster child in your home, make sure to stay connected to the support nights, trainings, and family outings offered by Methodist Children’s Homes. We want our foster families to always be supported while they support the needs of their children.

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