You can make a difference in the lives of children by opening your heart and home to them!

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A Dream Come True

This happy ending began years ago with Alex and Adrienne wanting a big family. But like so many others, they struggled with infertility. After several years, they decided to try fostering a child.

Alex and Adrienne

"When we first started the process of fostering, I had the mindset of just wanting to adopt, but then I had the realization of the child's need to still be connected to their birth family," Adrienne explained. " You can't do it for the selfish reason of wanting a child. It has to be because they need a parent!"

For the past five months, Alex and Adrienne have had custody of 9-year-old Owen. When they first met on December 15, Owen was so excited. He hid behind a couch waiting for his new family to find him. He jumped out, exclaiming, "Here I am!"

After Adrienne introduced herself, Owen asked the question so many foster parents hope to hear, "Can I call you mommy?" From those first moments of meeting, Adrienne and Alex knew this was the child God had been leading them towards.

Bringing home Owen during the Christmas season was such a wonderful answer to their prayers! "During Christmas time our house always felt so empty. This year Owen made the house feel full with his laughter and joy," Adrienne stated.

When giving advice to anyone that may be interested in fostering a child, Adrienne says, "I would recommend fostering to anyone. It's the hardest thing you'll ever do but it is equally rewarding. You don't have to be a perfect parent, just the parent they deserve - - a parent that loves them."

Adrienne went on to say, “There is a child for everyone. Methodist Children's Homes does a great job of finding the right child for each family.” Alex and Adrienne are able to change Owen’s future and you can too!

Become a foster parent and you can start changing the lives of children today!

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